How To Choose And Prepare For Your Child's Summer Camp Experience

Posted on: 7 February 2018

Summer camp can be a good way to help keep your child occupied, learn new skills, and make new friends during the summer while they're out of school. As there are many options available for all the types of camps available, making the right choice for your child is the first step to providing them with fun activities for the summer. Here are some recommendations to consider when choosing and preparing for a summer camp for your child.

Select the Right Type of Camp

Summer camps come in all types: music or band camps, cheerleader, sports, and a traditional camp with activities and crafts. A child who has an interest in music, for example, can use the camp to advance their training and have fun with other children their age while they do it.

If your child is younger or not ready to be away from home for several days or weeks at a time, you might look at getting them into a day camp. This type of camp allows you to drop them off each morning and pick them up late in the afternoon.

Look For Financial Breaks

The price for some summer camps may be more than your family's budget allows, but there are ways to help alleviate the financial burden. If the camp is specifically for an activity, such as music or sports, look and apply for a scholarship to help with the cost. You can also talk to someone at the camp to see if they offer a discount. Often, if you have more than one child enrolling, or you sign up online or early, you can save on some of the cost. Choosing a day camp instead of a traditional overnight camp can help you get your child involved at a lower cost.

Some summer camps are always looking for volunteers to help with tasks like cooking, clean-up, crafts, or teaching a specific subject. Ask the management for the camp if there are any jobs you can volunteer for to get a discount on the camp's cost.

Pack for Your Child's Camp Necessities

Make sure you pack appropriately for your child's summer camp. If it is an overnight camp, be sure you pack their clothes, personal hygiene items, any medications, snacks, and books to read during quiet time. Also make sure they have protection from the sun with items such as sun screen, sunglasses, and a baseball cap or sun hat. If there is swimming at the camp, they will need a swimsuit, towel, and flip flops.

Talk to the camp to find out if any specific supplies are needed to include it with your child.