Three Essential Accessories To Bring To The RV Park

Posted on: 9 August 2017

RV parks offer a great way to camp with your RV. They often come with electric, sewage, and water hookups, which give you the comforts of home away from home. To get the most out of your RV park experience, there are some essential RV accessories you might want to consider investing in. Use this guide to determine if these accessories are right for your next RV excursion:

RV Leveling Blocks

RV leveling blocks, also known as jack pads, make it easy to park your RV on sloped surfaces. They keep your RV level on the ground and prevent it from shifting. These blocks also provide protection on soft earth or in muddy conditions, preventing your RV from sinking. Without the levelers, you may find yourself literally stuck in the mud. To use these tools, simply place them on the ground and slowly move your RV forward until it is resting on the blocks.

RV Awnings

RV awnings let you create a shaded outdoor area for enjoying meals outside. They attach to the exterior of your vehicle, and some offer a collapsible design you can crank out for shade and crank inward when you don't want the awning set up. For protection against bugs while you eat, consider a portable screen. The screen attaches to the awning and essentially creates a screened-in porch area. This also comes in handy as a way to prevent insects from coming into the RV every time you open the door.

Drinking Water-Rated Hoses

When you connect to the RV park's water supply, you want to make sure you are getting fresh, potable water. For this, you want to invest in a drinking water-rated hose. Some hoses come with the option of adding a carbon filter, which means you can filter the water flowing into your RV sinks so you have fresh, readily available drinking water. Be sure to flush the hose before using it to ensure it's clean and ready to connect to your RV. Run the water for a minute or two before using it to cook or drink. It's a good idea to have a few different hoses on board your RV, as the connections available may vary from one RV park to the next. Look for hoses in different lengths and diameters to ensure you can always hook up to the water supply.

Once you have these essentials, you can begin shopping for fun camping and RV accessories, such as portable fire pits, collapsible dinnerware, and hammocks. Contact a company like Reba's Rock-N-Rose RV Park for more information and assistance.