What Items Should You Pack To Take To Sleepover Camp?

Posted on: 30 May 2017

When it's your child's first time at sleepover camp, you might feel that there is a lot to think about. While the camp does provide for many of your child's needs, you will have to pack certain items for them yourself. What should you pack for your child to take to sleepover camp, and what should you leave behind?

Clothing Items

The items you should pack are pretty typical for enjoying any type of camp setting. You should pack extra socks and underwear, enough T-shirts to last the length of the stay, sweaters in case it gets chilly, shorts and long-sleeved shirts as well. It is a good idea to bring extra footwear, too, in case of hikes or damage to their shoes.

Grooming Items

The camp certainly might have some of these items, but it is a good idea to ensure your child has them anyway. You should pack a travel toothpaste and toothbrush. It is a good idea to pack biodegradable shampoo, sunscreen, hair bands or elastics, and don't forget the bug repellent.

Camp Items

The majority of camps have lodges in which the children sleep, but you can bring a few items that will make your child more comfortable. You should pack a sleeping bag, as some camps do have nights where they sleep under the stars, or if your child prefers to sleep in their sleeping bag placed on top of their bed. It is a good idea, if possible, to bring an extra blanket and pillow-- plus, pack a blanket that can be worn outside during campfires. A great item to pack is a flashlight with extra batteries, as some camp's bathrooms are outside and your child might have to head into the darkness to find it.

You might want to pack extra items like pencils, pens, paper or coloring books for downtime when the children get to pick their own activities.

What You Shouldn't Pack

A camp is about spending time in the outdoors with other children and learning about nature. You shouldn't pack iPods or iPads, cell phones (the camp has telephones with which you can keep in contact with your child if you need to), or electronic games. It is not a good idea to pack a radio, jewelry or makeup – it could get contaminated or damaged in some way. You might be used to packing candy or food in your child's lunch, but don't pack any of that into their luggage for camp. Click here to learn more about co-ed summer camps in New England.