5 Tips For Retired Couples To Save Money While Living On The Road

Posted on: 28 March 2016

Many retired couples enjoy the freedom and adventure of buying a travel trailer and living on the road as they explore this great country. However, if you aren't careful, expensive costs can add up fast. To help reduce costs and save you money while on the road, check out these five useful tips.

Stock Up on Groceries

One of the fun parts of taking a vacation is eating out at all the local restaurants. However, when you are living on the road in a travel trailer, you aren't really on vacation. This is your daily life. That can be difficult to remember at first, but if you eat out for every meal, you're going to waste a lot of money. Luckily, unlike traveling in a car from hotel to hotel, when you travel in a trailer, you have some place to store all your food, even the perishable items. So instead of eating out often, stock up on groceries and cook in your trailer most of the time.

Stick With Public Campgrounds and RV Parks

When looking for a place to park your travel trailer, you'll find public campgrounds/RV parks and private RV parks. Private RV parks usually have more amenities than public parks and campgrounds. They might have free WiFi, a pool and even community games. However, they are also more expensive than public parks. Public campgrounds won't give you all the same luxuries, but you can save significant money, so it's better to choose public parks when possible and only choose private ones when you have no other option.

Join Clubs

If you do have to routinely stay in private parks, or if you like the extra amenities, you can also save money by joining various clubs. There are many different clubs that give you a discount when you stay at certain private RV parks. In some cases, these discounts can be up to 50 percent. Of course, you'll have to pay a yearly fee to join the club, but if you are living on the road, the savings will quickly recoup the cost of investment. Popular clubs include Passport America, Happy Camper Club, and the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA).

Pick the Right Home State

Just because you lived in one state all your life doesn't mean you have to call it your home state when you hit the road. If you live on the road, you still need to pick a state that is considered your home base. This allows you to properly file your taxes and collect your mail. Some states don't have state income tax, which can be useful if you decide to take part-time work to make extra money. Other states don't have sales tax, which is useful if you need to buy a new trailer at some point. Also, taxes, insurance and fees are also different throughout the states. Choose a home state that can cut some of these costs.

Stay in One Area for a While

It's fun to move around from city to city and explore the county, but it's also a good idea to settle down and stick around for a month or two. This allows you to explore that one area better, but it can also help you save money. For starters, you use less fuel if you remain stationary for a month instead of driving every day. On top of that, paying for a month at one campground is usually cheaper overall than if you pay for a few nights here and there for 30 days.  

Living on the road in a travel trailer can be an unforgettable experience for retired couples. However, remember that this is your lifestyle not a weekend vacation, so you don't end up wasting money. If you are interested in living life in a travel trailer, contact a dealer such as Camping World of Ocala